Easy Steps to Turn Your Backyard in to a Summer Oasis

Turn your home into a Summer Oasis that can last all year long. Adding custom fit curtains and reupholstering your existing outdoor furniture will give you the resort feel you have been dreaming about.
Extend your unique style through your house and in to your backyard. By choosing your own design, layout, and color scheme you will be able to create your one-of-a-kind oasis.
Enjoy this holiday year long, instead of for a few short days of paradise.
Reach out to our team to start putting together your dream backyard.

The Guru’s Word – MOTORIZATION!

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Energy Efficiency Made Easy

One of the easiest and best looking ways to lower your energy bill is by installing high quality curtains. Our curtains are great for both keeping the heat in and keeping the heat out. In warmer months, curtains not only block out sunlight, but also block out the heat that the sunlight creates, keeping the cool air in. In the cooler months, curtains are great for keeping the air in.

See how your electricity bills drastically change while adding a stunning new layer to your home décor.

Contact our team today.

Decor Team’s Drapery Guru

Decor Team debuts Drapery Guru, the new blog to help you learn about easy way to make improvements to your home.

Stay tuned to learn new tricks to make your house look more put together, create an outdoor oasis, save money on your electric bills, and motorize your life.




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