Motorized Curtains & Window Treatments

Our range of motorized curtain tracks combines design and technology, adding a touch of luxury to any window.

As motorized curtains replace the manual pulling of curtains and draperies with an automatic mechanism, they introduce not only a more comfortable solution, but also protect your curtains, reducing wear and tear and prolonging their lifespan.

Motorized curtain tracks are the perfect addition or starting point to your Smart Home. Set up a TV scenario and avoid annoying reflections or a dinner scenario with just the right light for a cozy family meal at the click of a button.

Hand-Drawn Tracks

Our premium hand-drawn curtain tracks resonate quality, from the aluminum tack, through the smooth gliding rollers and tailored ball bearings, to the beautifully designed end stops.

These innovative hand-drawn curtain tracks support all window treatments including curtains, draperies, valances, blinds and sliding panel systems, and can be easily shaped to compliment the curve of any window.