Room Dressing

Our Products and Services

As pioneers in the field of complex hand drawn and motorized curtain tracks, we offer a range of products to suite any curtain, any window and any need. Our customized solutions, based on technologically advanced products and integrations, support complicated shapes and curves, all curtain types, remote control operation and many other requirements – guaranteeing we have the perfect solution for every window.

At Decor Team we design, produce, import and install a wide range of wholesale curtains, including window treatment solutions, curtains, draperies, valances, blinds and sliding panel systems, all of which can be hand drawn or motorized.

Home Dressing Solutions
We also offer a complementary selection of home dressing accessories that include: bed covers, skirts, headboards, decorative pillows and more.

Our Professional Resell Program

We are happy to offer our products and services to wholesalers, resellers, home design stores as well as interior designers and decorators. These products and services include: unique, Décor Team exclusive motorized curtain tracks, mass production of custom wholesale curtains and home dressing accessories, special and complex installations and complete consulting services. The entire service range is available to customers in the Metro Phoenix Area in particular, as well as nationwide.

Our Quality Guarantee

A Network of Leading Suppliers
As industry leaders, we have established a network of international suppliers, all of whom are experts in their field and together construct a portfolio of the very best commercial curtains and market leading products. Ranging from the highest quality European and American fabrics to the most advanced and innovative motorized window treatments, this line of quality products is imported for the benefit of our own customers and projects, as well as for the benefit of various resellers and other businesses in the field of home design.

Down To the Perfect Thread
All of our products, from custom wholesale curtains to home dressing and motorized curtain tracks, uphold the highest quality guaranty – they are sustainable, meaning they have a longer lifespan, are durable, even in extreme weather conditions, and are made of top quality material produced by leading manufacturers worldwide, including textile from world renown brands in Italy, Britain, Spain and the US.

Longstanding Co-operations
Our commitment to quality also stands at the base of our longstanding cooperation with suppliers – from textile manufacturers through sewing workshops, when the right supplier is found, years of fruitful cooperation follow.

To learn more about our Professional Resell Program, contact us today.